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Product Progress Update - November 22nd:

Product Progress Update - November 22nd:

[GB] WS x Jaekeyed (赤灰色) Aka Haiiro Keycap

--Regarding the remaining 7 orders containing deskmats:

The latest news we have received is that the factory will send it out within this week. We will arrange QC as soon as possible after receiving the goods. We will arrange shipment immediately once the inspection is passed, please wait patiently.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, thank you!


[GB] WS Yamanote Line Theme Keycaps & [GB] Zoom65V2 x Yamanote Line Theme Keyboard

--All orders have been produced, and the vendors' goods have been sent to their respective freight forwarders.

--Orders from the website are already being arranged for shipment. I believe you will receive logistics notifications soon.


[GB] WS Kraken Keycaps

--Refunds for website orders are being processed. Please pay attention to your respective payment accounts and check them in time. If you have any questions, please contact our CS team!


[GB] WS Purquoise Keycaps Set

--The keycaps have been scheduled for production, and we will continue to follow up on the situation and provide regular feedback.

Delivery Time: Expected December 2023


Coming soon to Wuque

  1. [Limited In-stock] Christmas Artisan Keycap-- will drop soon!
  2. [Limited In-stock]Mammoth 75 & Mammoth 20 and accessories--FCFS December 13 (Get FREE mini bear switch opener-random color)
  3. [Limited In-stock]--Aurora x Mizu Wired-- Only 7 units
  4. [Limited In-stock]--Ikki68 Aurora R2
  5. [Limited In-stock]--Ikki 68 Aurora Add-ons
  6. [Limited In-stock]--Aurora x Camping
  7. [Limited In-stock]--Aurora x Camping Add-ons
  8. [Limited In-stock] WS Stabs 4+1 for 1.2 mm PCB

Products expected to be launched in the next 1-2 months, please stay tuned!

  1. Freya
  2. Ikki68 Aurora V2
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