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Product Progress Update - December 15th:

Product Progress Update - December 15th:

[GB] WS x Jaekeyed (赤灰色) Aka Haiiro Keycap

Regarding the remaining 7 orders containing deskmats:

All orders including deskmat have been shipped. Please contact the logistics company in time to follow up on the latest logistics situation to ensure timely receipt.

Thank you again for your patience!


[GB] WS Yamanote Line Theme Keycaps & [GB] Zoom65V2 x Yamanote Line Theme Keyboard

All orders have been shipped, please contact the logistics company in time to follow up on the latest logistics situation to ensure receipt is timely.

Please contact our CS team in time If you have any questions after receiving the goods.


[GB] WS Purquoise Keycaps Set

Keycap production has been completed and is currently being packaged. We can deliver the goods within the expected time if there are no accidents.

Delivery Time: Expected December 2023



Surprised Christmas Bonus of Wuque Website

(Bonus Time: December 7 - December 27, Beijing Time)


  • Spend $200 to get 1 FREE Artisan Keycap (Random Style)

      Ps: The Christmas Artisan Keycap will also drop randomly.

  • Spend $300 to get 1 box of WS Jade Switches (35pcs) for FREE

  • Spend $550 to get 1 set of WS Keycap for FREE



Limited In-stock on Wuque

  1. [Limited In-stock] Christmas Artisan Keycap-- will drop soon!
  2. [Limited In-stock]Mammoth 75 & Mammoth 20 and accessories--FCFS December 13 (Get FREE mini bear switch opner-randon color)
  3. [Limited In-stock]--Aurora x Mizu Wired-- Only 7 units
  4. [Limited In-stock]--Ikki68 Aurora R2
  5. [Limited In-stock]--Ikki 68 Aurora Add-ons
  6. [Limited In-stock]--Aurora x Camping
  7. [Limited In-stock]--Aurora x Camping Add-ons
  8. [Limited In-stock] WS Stabs 4+1 for 1.2 mm PCB


Products expected to be launched in the next 1-2 months, please stay tuned!

  1. Freya
  2. Ikki68 Aurora V2



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