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[Limited Pre-Order]Promise87 Colored Titanium Alloy Edition

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4 case colors and SS external weightOur colored titanium keyboards are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer outstanding durability. The colored titanium alloy of the keyboard provides excellent corrosion and wear resistance, ensuring that the keyboard will look brand new for a long time.


Typing angle: 5 degrees.
Front Height: ~18.69mm
Plate: Flexcut polycarbonate.
Case Material: Colored titanium alloy top and bottom cases, SS internal weight, and SS external weight
Delivery Time: Expected in June


1x Top case and bottom case (Colored titanium alloy)
1x Mirror PVD Stainless Steel external weight
1x P1 PCB for the WKL version
1x Internal stainless steel weight
1x Ai03 unified daughter board 
1x PC plate
1x Poron plate foam
1x Poron switch foam
1x Plate and switch integrated foam
1x Poron PCB foam
1x Antistatic paper
1x WS Clear Stabilizers 5x2u+1x7u
1x Gaskets slip pack
Screws and rubber feet


PCB for WKL Version
Wired, hotswap, supports QMK/VIA, split left/right shift, split backspace, stepped caps lock,1.2mm thick, flex cuts.
Poron Dampener Kit
The kit includes 3 pieces of poron dampeners below:
1. Plate Dampener between PCB and plate
2. Switch Dampener between the plate and switches
3. PCB Dampener under PCB
We suggest using poron dampeners with PC plate (Default) for best results.
Plate & Switch Integrated Foam
Made of supercritical foaming material, it will make the overall dampening system more stable and help to make typing sound better.
We suggest using integrated foam with Aluminum plate (Add-ons) for best results
Gasket Slips
Gasket slip design, easier to install
Strong stability, very durable and can keep original flex after long-time usage
Density between Poron and silicone.
There are three kinds of gasket slips by default, they have different stiffness and users can choose anyone they like. Wuque studio will keep stocking the gasket slips and welcome other board designers to use them.  

Wuque Bear

Our CEO, Simba, has designed a total of 4 titanium keyboards, with only 12 units available. Let's start by revealing the design concept of the first keyboard. it inspired by our iconic Wuque bear logo. This product, which combines titanium alloy craftsmanship with a unique design, is a collector's treasure., showcasing our commitment to innovation. It's not just a keyboard; it's a symbol of Wuque's passion for custom keybord. Now, we want to pass on this unique charm to you.

Yellow Crane Tower

We are delighted to introduce to you a series of captivating limited edition colorful titanium alloy keyboards, with the design inspiration derived from the renowned Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, China.

This is not just a keyboard; it is a sincere expression of our connection to the unique city of Wuhan. As the birthplace of Wuque Studio, Wuhan holds many precious memories for us and signifies our commitment to the future. The Yellow Crane Tower, as a symbol of the city, infuses our design with the power of inspiration, making this keyboard a unique journey through the urban landscape.

Each color pays homage to the diverse culture of this city. We hope you join us in sharing this emotion, feeling the special bond between Wuque Studio and Wuhan. It's more than just a keyboard adventure; it's a magical moment of encountering the beauty of the city. Let's explore together and create a story that belongs to you and Wuque Studio.


The third keyboard pays homage to traditional Chinese culture, drawing inspiration from the art of Dunhuang. It showcases the ancient and rich history of China, bringing forth a tribute to the splendor of Dunhuang's artistic creations. Each key is embedded with the brilliance of Dunhuang's art, outlining mysterious and magnificent scenes that transport you through the corridors of time.

EcoGuardian Purple

This keyboard, inspired by environmental pollution, reflects our deep concern and advocacy for Earth's environmental issues. We've named it "EcoGuardian Purple" to symbolize our commitment to raising awareness through design.

The design elements of the keyboard reflect environmental components, such as clear blue tones representing pure water and deep purple suggesting the freshness of the air.

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