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[In Stock] WS Kiss of The Sun Amber Keycaps

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Keycaps Specifications

Manufacturer: Wuque Studio

Keycap Material: PC

Production Method: Doubleshot

Keycap Thickness: 1.7mm

Keycap Profile: OSA

Keys: 170keys

ISO/ANSI Support: Yes


Friendly Reminds: Only keycaps

Keycap Package Weight: 1.3kg

Feature Display

High quality PC material, crystal clear

Made of high quality pc material, it is as crystal clear and elegant as it is amazing, and it never fades and does not wear out easily. Your keyboard will exude long-lasting glamour and the lettering on it will remain as good as new for years to come.

Suspended 3D legend, flawless and more wear-resistant

Exquisitely crafted mechanical keycaps with 3D legend design, each keycap subtly incorporates a floating 3D legend into its transparent body, revealing unrivalled sophistication and elegance. This design not only ensures the keyboard's pristine and flawless appearance, but also lends it timeless beauty and lasting appeal, with a legend that flows classically and never fades.

RGB lights make every tap shine

The translucent PC keycaps can better show off the RGB effect of the mechanical keyboard, allowing you to experience the ultimate visual feast. When the RGB lights come on, the crystal-like visual effect jumps in front of your eyes, instantly elevating your keyboard to a stunning work of art.

OSA Profile

The height of the OSA keycap is higher than that of the ASA profile, with a larger top surface and ergonomic design, making finger tapping more comfortable.

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