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Ikki68 Aurora Update

Ikki68 Aurora Update

Streamlined support system

We have recently re-vamped out support structure to assist you better and quicker.

If you need any help building your Aurora, have any questions or require customer support, please follow the steps below in order:

  1. Check the Build Guide and the Troubleshooting Guide. We are constantly updating those two documents with feedback from users.

  2. If it's a simple question or if you need any clarification, join our discord server and ask in the #build-help channel.

  3. If the above steps do not fix your problem or answer your question, please contact the vendor you purchased the Aurora from. We're in constant contact with vendors about customer issues and together we will fix any problems you may be having.

    If you're reaching out about a problem, please include the following information in your email / support ticket:

    • A detailed description of the problem, including steps to re-create it if applicable.
    • Any photos / videos that demonstrate the issue
  4.  If you do not hear back from the vendor within 3 business days, please contact Wuque Studio directly at with the following information:
    • The vendor you purchased from
    • The date when you contacted the vendor about your issue
    • A detailed description of the problem, including steps to re-create it if applicable.
    • Any photos / videos that demonstrate the issue.

Tests for possibility of a short with brass weights

Under normal operation, none of the PCBs will come in contact with the brass weight when typing, and thus will cause no shorts. The underglow LED housings sit taller than anything else, including hot swap sockets or switch legs.

Solder PCBs (Yellowknife & Lapland) have a potential to touch the weight in rare cases when there's a blob / cold solder joint from incorrectly soldering a switch.

In all cases, the worst case scenario is the PCB will short momentarily and will not register the keypress / will register a different key(s). The PCB will not be damaged and there are no other risks. 

Fairbanks (Default PCB)

Going forward

Ikki68 Aurora R1 was our biggest project yet. We have learned some valuable lessons from this round and will be implementing necessary changes to make sure that future Aurora users have a smoother experience.

A more comprehensive build guide

We're constantly updating our documentation side with feedback from our users. We will be going over the guide to see what changes we can make to make it more accessible.

Please send an email to If you have a suggestion to make the build guide better, or if you found a particular section difficult to follow, or just any suggestions in general.

We will be making our build guide even more beginner friendly, such as sections covering how to assemble and install stabilizers and more.  

Brass weights will come with a  plastic coating from R2 on

Since Aurora R2's PCB  is more flexy than R1's, we will apply a plastic coating on the brass weights from this point on to avoid the rare short possibilities. 

Better Quality Control 

We tried our best to be as through as possible during R1 despite the sheer number of items produced. We'll be stepping up our efforts even higher, including updating our shipment boxes to vendors, to make sure the issues faced this round do not repeat again.

1 year warranty for all PCBs

Wuque Studio will provide 1 year repair / replacement service for all Aurora PCBs sold to date and in the future.

Regional vendors still provide necessary warranty as usual. But if the repair / replacement isn't possible through a regional vendor any more, Wuque Studio will arrange for RMA directly. Physical damage and damages caused by  unauthorized repairs will not be covered.

We stand behind our products 100% and we want to make sure you are happy with our products.

A link to the build guide will be coming with future Auroras

We're very sorry about not having the build guide ready before some of the Auroras were delivered to customers. Even after it was made available, a number of customers were not aware of the guide. 

We have updated our websites, discord and every other place we could think of with a link to our documentation wiki which contains all the info you need to assemble your Ikki68 Aurora

We will also be including a card with a link to the Wiki & some dos and don'ts with all the future Auroras to make it easier to find for everyone.

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