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Wuque Studio Product Update Sept.12th

Wuque Studio Product Update Sept.12th

Ikki68 x Aurora R1

Some vendors already finished delivering Aurora, and as scheduled, others are arriving at destination ports in the coming days.

For everyone who received Aurora, please check Ikki68 Aurora Assembling Considerations, if you have a Tromoso PCB, please downloand its software here, and check Ikki68 Aurora Tromso PCB Instructions.

We also implement our new ticket system to ensure every inquiry can be checked and replied on time. For any order inquiries, we suggest you to send to  


Aurora R1 Badges

We are delivering badges continually, it’s time-consuming because we have many designs, and we keep QCing badges. We sent some unqualified ones back to remake, and they should all arrive again on Sept. 15th. If you got an order tracking number but did not see the tracking move yet, please wait for a few days, we will give priority to send all badges out first. Thank you for understanding! 

Aurora x PnC

Currently all accessories and add-ons are finished, the case are under production. We will update some photos soon.  We should be able to send them to our vendors before end of this month.

Aurora x Dreamscape

We finished making the color card for the board.

Aurora x Stargaze 

Order placed last month, our manufacturer is preparing to make it’s color card to match our case. 

Geekark Lancelot 

Geekark said they would deliver all keycaps to us on Sept. 15th. We will update this again to the Lancelot channel when this happens.

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