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Product Progress Update - May 27, 2024:

[GB] Freya ultra & Freya

PCB: Due to the re-ordering of the slider, delivery time is delayed until the end of this week;

Screen modules and patches: In progress and will be delivered in batches. The last batch is expected to be delivered by the end of this month.

Cases: The cases are still undergoing CNC processing and some have already been delivered. The final batch is expected to be delivered by the end of this month.

Delivery Time: Estimated June


[Limited Pre-Order]Promise87 Colored Titanium Alloy Edition

Top and bottom case/ PVD mirror stainless steel external weight/internal stainless steel weight/PC plate/anti-static paper/screws: Still in production currently, expected to be delivered to us by late May;

P1 PCB: In production, expected to be delivered to us by late May;

Stabilizers: Wait for the product to be ready.

Delivery Time: Estimated June


[GB] WS Entwined Flowers Keycap Set

Samples of the metal keycaps have been confirmed, and production is being scheduled.

The keycaps are still in the scheduling process and awaiting production.

And we will keep updating twice a month to let everyone know the latest situation, so please don't worry.

Delivery Time: Estimated in June


[GB] The Great Retro Wave Deskmat

Keygem is collecting payments from other vendors. And Keygem has confirmed the production quantity last week and we will arrange production after the them finished the payment.

Delivery Time: Estimated in August.


Coming Soon on Wuque

  1. Aurora V2- Under planning.
  2. Mammoth V2- Under development.
  3. Summer Sale for WS keycaps! --- Only $45 for each!

 Start date: May 27th to June 26th, please stay tuned if you’re interested.

Special Shipping Discounts:

  • Buy 2 sets: Save $5 on shipping
  • Buy 3 sets: Save $10 on shipping
  • Buy 4 sets: Save $15 on shipping


In-Stock on Wuque

  1. [In Stock] WS Poker Double Shot PBT Keycap
  1. WS Stupid Stabilizer
  1. [In Stock] WS Pearl Switch (35Pcs)
  1. WS POM+ Switch (35Pcs)
  2. WS Dash HE Magnetic Switches (70Pcs)
  1. [Extra] WS Cosmic Odyssey Keycap Set
  1. [Extra] WS Purquoise Keycaps Set
  2. [In-Stock] WS Light Tactile Switch
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