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Product Progress Update - June 7, 2024:

[GB] Freya ultra & Freya

Screen Module:

Waiting for the manufacturer's list to be completed and arranged to be sent to our warehouse.

Component Soldering:

Mainboards completed on May 23rd, currently in post-soldering stage, delivery by June 11st.


The first batch is sent to the warehouse on June 4th, the second batch on June 15th, and the final batch is expected to be completed by June 20th.


It is expected that assembly will start on June 20 and it will take 5-7 days to complete all the assembly work.

Regarding Tiffany Blue:

We have conducted five color sample tests for Tiffany Blue but have not yet achieved the desired result. Below are the details of the five tests. We are now conducting the sixth test. Due to the ongoing color confirmation, orders for this color will be delivered later than those for other colors. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Delivery Time: Estimated at the end of June;

Due to the difficulty in achieving the desired Tiffany Blue, the shipping time for this color will be later than for other colors. We will provide timely updates and apologize for any inconvenience.


[Limited Bespoke Edition] Colored Titanium Alloy Version Promise87

Top and bottom case/ PVD mirror stainless steel external weight/internal stainless steel weight/PC plate/anti-static paper/screws: We have received an update indicating a delay in the delivery schedule. The new expected delivery date from the manufacturer is June 10th.

P1 PCB: Same with the cases, the new expected delivery date from the manufacturer is June 10th.

Delivery Time: Estimated June


[GB] WS Entwined Flowers Keycap Set

All components have been completed except for the base kit, which is still in production. The base kit is expected to be fully manufactured by mid-month.

Delivery Time: Estimated in June


[GB] The Great Retro Wave Deskmat

The production order has been submitted, and we are awaiting the manufacturer's feedback on the schedule. We will continue to monitor the production process and provide updates timely on the progress.

Delivery Time: Estimated in August.


Coming Soon on Wuque

  1. Aurora V2- Under planning.
  2. Mammoth V2- Under development.
  3. WS Mystical Cosmos Keycaps and Chroma Zen Keycaps

IC form:

GH link:

Reddit link: 


In-Stock on Wuque

  1. Summer Sale for WS keycaps!

Start date: May 27th to June 26th, please stay tuned if you’re interested.

Special Shipping Discounts:

  • Buy 2 sets: Save $5 on shipping
  • Buy 3 sets: Save $10 on shipping
  • Buy 4 sets: Save $15 on shipping
  1. [In Stock] WS Poker Double Shot PBT Keycap
  1. WS Stupid Stabilizer
  1. [In Stock] WS Pearl Switch (35Pcs)
  1. WS POM+ Switch (35Pcs)
  2. WS Dash HE Magnetic Switches (70Pcs)
  1. [Extra] WS Cosmic Odyssey Keycap Set
  1. [Extra] WS Purquoise Keycaps Set[In-Stock] WS Light Tactile Switch
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