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Ikki68 Aurora Bespoke Badges (16-40)

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GB Info

GB Time: March 9 - March 22, 2021.

ETA to customers: July, 2021

Vendors: Wuque Studio only.


Extra custom badges for your Ikki68 Aurora. These designs were submitted by community members to become Community Badges but they didn't make the cut. That's why they're being offered as bespoke badges.

You can buy any of these badges, in any quantity, in any of the 4 colors offered (E-white, Gold, Dark Gray, Rose Gold). Buy any 5 Community / Bespoke / Mizu badges and get an acrylic badge case for free!

These badges are magnetic and hot swap. You don't need to take apart your case to change badges. 

You have to purchase the badge base if you'd like to use these badges with the original Ikki68 Aluminum. Ikki68 Aurora already comes with the base so you do not need to order it separately.

You must have ordered an Ikki68 Aurora or Ikki68 Aluminum with a badge to use them. 

Please refer to our discord server's gallery for previous badges, current badge colors should be more or less the same. Please keep in mind the actual color may vary depending on lighting and other factors. 

Ordering Info

These badges will ship separate from your Ikki68 orders. 

You can combine multiple badge orders but you cannot combine your badge order with your Ikki68 Aurora order. 

Where's my commissioned Bespoke Badge?

If you commissioned a bespoke badge just for yourself or a small group of people, you will receive a PM on discord with a link to purchase your commissioned badge between March 10 - 11. There are a lot of Bespoke Badges and it takes a long time to add them to the website while making sure there are no mistakes. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we ask that you hold off from ordering until you receive a link to the product page containing your commissioned bespoke badge. 

This only applies to people who designed / had someone design a badge just for themselves / a small, exclusive group.

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