[Ginkgo65 Pro Bonus] Anodized Gold Blocker

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[Ginkgo65 Pro Bonus] Anodized Gold Blocker

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Ginkgo65 Pro Bonus : Anodized Gold Blocker

A free Ginkgo Blocker will be gifted to all orders placed before the  March 17th (Deadline: March.16th-00:59, Beijing Time) for Ginkgo65 Pro from the Wuque website!

How to get the anodized gold blocker for free:

You must add the 1 quantity anodized gold blocker and Ginkgo65 Pro keyboard kit into your cart, then you will get the anodized gold blocker for free when you check out.

If you purchase from vendors, please refer to their product page for more details.

Disclaimer: Giveaway is based on the real product, renderings are for reference only.