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[B-Stock] Clickitty Clackitty Catpads

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[B-Stock] Clickitty Clackitty Catpads

Pause right there. Don't Alt-Tabby away.

This is not just any mousepad. It's better. It's a catpad.

A perfect accompaniment to your keyboard and mouse, this amazing deskmat series features a friendly feline friend cheering you on as you go clickity clackitty.

Coming in a broad array of colors, and in 3 different sizes from the typical 900mm width (XL) to smaller 'keyboard coaster' sized for TKL (M) and 65%/75% (S) keyboards; you'll find a variety of options to match most desk setups. The possibilities are endless!

Inspired after illustrating an adorable animation of a chubby cat tapping away at a keyboard, the designer Boba integrated those keyframes within the pattern design to also provide a subtle but fun backdrop.

You've really gotta be a kitten yourself if this wouldn't make a memorable addition to your desktop.

The smaller sizes are just as thick as the XL and are designed to fit under the keyboard to give enthusiasts a way to have that extra layer of depth of sound without having to cover their entire desk, whilst also being highly portable. The XL range notably features a waterproof surface treatment, because this Bongomat does not like getting soaked.

Whether at work or playing this cute catpad will leave your feline extra positive!


  • Extra large (XL) size: 900x458mm (~35.4 x 18.03 inches) with 4mm thickness


  • Anti-fray stitched edges
  • High-quality cloth top and rubber anti-slip bottom
  • Waterproof surface treatment! (ONLY XL SIZE waterproof )

Designed by BobaSweatandTears 




1. Please note that this is B stock, and the product has some minor defects, as shown in the picture:

a. Slightly print faded;
b. The circled area has a long and thin production line.

Please confirm the requirements carefully before purchasing it.

2. All images displayed are photographs, but there may be color variations of the final product in hand due to differences in lighting and color settings/calibrations of screens. Some photographs are also of initial prototype rounds, thus there may be slight differences in stitching details. The final product will only have rounded corners for the rectangular area, not angular 90 degrees.

3. There will be a 4.4% fee on order cancellations and refunds after placing an order.

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