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Ikki68 Aurora FAQ


When will the group buy launch?
Round 1 (R1) should start Christmas 2020, if everything goes to plan

When will it ship?
Ikki68 Aurora should start shipping to proxies in April 2021, if everything goes to plan

How much will it cost?
Final price hasn't been settled on yet. It can be anywhere between $99 - $129 for Round 1, future rounds may cost more.

Will there be a prototype?
Yes. There will be prototypes before the GB launches.

Will there be build videos from streamers?
Yes. Although we are not sure yet who'll be building them, but there will be build streams before the GB.

Will there be a limit to the group buy?
Every keyboard GB is limited, whether it's disclosed or not. There are only a finite amount you can produce within a reasonable amount of time. Ikki68 Aurora will have a soft limit, but we expect there to be a decent amount of units since the case is injection molded.

Will there be a limit to how many a person can buy?
Yes. We haven't settled on a final number yet, but tentatively it'll be 2 per household, one in each color. This is to discourage hoarding and flipping.

Who are the proxies?
We don't have a final list of all the proxies yet. So far we can confirm Mech.Land as the Wuque Studio internal proxy to Canada.

Will you have a proxy in [insert-country-here]?
We don't have a final list of all the proxies yet. If OA switch GB was any indication, there will be no shortage of proxies.

What's the latest IC thread?

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