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Build Guide


We are glad to team up with M•ONE to bring you Ginkgo65! Designed and produced by M•ONE, Ginkgo65 is a great sounding, decently flexy, CNC machined aluminum keyboard that offers a premium experience at a budget friendly price.

Additional PCBs, plates in different materials and other accessories can be found on the add-ons page.

Ginkgo65 Information Page

Brief Info

  • Typing angle: 7 degrees.
  • Front Height: ~20mm
  • Weight (unbuilt): 1.3kg or 2.87 lbs
  • Plate:polycarbonate included in kit. 
  • Case material: 6063 grade Aluminum
  • Mounting Method: Isolated Gasket Mount using PORON pads.

PCB Specifications

  • Hot-swap PCB: Yes, single layout. 1.2mm thick, flex cuts.
  • Daughterboard: Yes, Ai03 Unified Daughterboard.
  • QMK / VIA support: Yes.
  • In-switch LEDs: Yes, 2 pin through hole.
  • ESD Protection: Yes.

Kit Contents

  • Top Case (Aluminum)
  • Bottom Case (Aluminum)
  • PC Plate
  • Hotswap PCB with Daughterboard (Ai03 Unified)
  • PORON gaskets
  • PORON dampener between plate and PCB
  • PE foam between PCB and switches
  • Case foam between PCB and bottom case
  • Washers
  • Screws and rubber feet


E-white, E-white x Copper, Black x Copper, Green x Black, Grey x Silver

    Also available at:

    • US: Cannon Keys (00:00 EST, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Canada: (00:00 EST, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Oceania: Daily Clack (11: 00 AM, AEST,Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • EU: (00:00 UTC, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • UK: Proto[Typist](00:00, BST, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Japan: Yushakobo (12:00 JST, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Singapore: iLumkb (00:00 SST, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Malaysia: Rebult (00:00 GMT+8, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Vietnam: Thekeycapshop (00:00 GMT+7, Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • India: StacksKB (00:00 IST,Sept. 23rd, 2021)
    • Rest of the world: Wuque Studio (00:00 GMT+8, Sept. 23rd, 2021)

    GB Time

    Sept.23rd, 2021 - Oct.12th, 2021

    Estimate Delivery

    Start delivering to vendors in March or April 2022, depending on how many units sold

    GB Policy

    • There is a household limit of 2  per household.
    • There will be no order combinations. Please place only one order.
    • There will be a 4% fee on order cancellations and refunds before GB ends
    •  Refund is unavailable after placing order to manufacture


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