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[GB] Promise87 Bespoke Raffle

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Bespoke Number

Promise87 Bespoke Edition Order Instructions

Once you get an email for the purchase link and you have 24 hours to complete your purchase. If you don't pay within 24 hours, your spot will be re-raffled.

1. Place order
Choose the version of Promise87 you'd like to purchase from the Promise87 price list.

2. Submit custom requirements
Submit your one-by-one custom requirements to this Google Form with the laser marking file (If you choose this version) before September 6th

3. FAQ

How do I send you my Bespoke Edition requirements?
You can choose the options from our Google Form.

What should I do if I want to have my custom laser marking on the external weight?
You can submit a DWG file, as instructed at the end of the google form. If you have a photo or some ideas only, you can also commission designers from Wuque Studio Discord Server to get the file.

All Promise87 Bespoke Edition has the same specifications and content with Promise87 Standard Edition.

Fill out the Wishlist Form to order your custom Promise 87.
There will be very limited GB and we will notify you once it starts.


    Choose Bespoke Number and Check Price List Here


    What can be customized

    Nine case colors

    E-white, Silver, Burgundy, Pink, Lavender, Violet, Pine, Navy, Black

    Top case options

    Accent Line Styles and Colors

    Choose from:

    • With or without accent lines under the TKL cluster or on blockers
    • With or without Moissonite
    • Accent line in PVD mirror Gold, silver, black, prism

    Crystal Moissanite is made from naturally occurring silicon carbide through thermal crystal growing process. It has a brilliant shine and clarity and is conflict free.

    Back Accent Line
    Choose colors from:

    • PVD Gold
    • PVD Silver
    • PVD Black
    • PVD Prism


    Choose colors from:

    • Same color as top case
    • PVD Gold
    • PVD Silver

    PVD Mirror External SS-Weight
    Split in two pieces as shown here. You can mix and match the following colors:

    • PVD Gold
    • PVD Silver
    • PVD Black
    • PVD Prism

    Anodized Aluminum External Weight

    • E-white, Silver, Burgundy, Pink, Lavender, Violet, Pine, Navy, Black
    • Sandblasted gold

    Bottom Laser Marking
    Text and/or vector graphics of your design or we can help you to design your ideas

      Prism External Weights and Accent Lines 

      Prism External Weights and Accent Linesature of the treatment process, all prism colored PVD accent lines and external weights will have purple, yellow, blue, and other colors' in a random gradient. This is difficult to be controlled. While we will try our best to make them look similar to our rendersprism prototypes , please understand that there may still be differences with the final product. Variations due to this process are within our quality standard.

        GB Time: August 18th, 2022 - September 6th, 2022

        Promise87 Bespoke Edition Estimated Delivery: Start packing and sending to Wuque Studio direct customers before January 2023. They will be sent out after each one is done, so we will keep sending them out one by one during this time.

        Note: There will be no order combinations

        Group buy Disclaimer

        1. Since there are so many variations, images provided on the product page are renders and are for display purposes only. The renders are given to provide an idea to what the final product will look like. The physical product may have some differences. Please also refer to the prototype's photos as reference before purchasing.
        2. Please note that this is a group buy. Estimates are our best guesses, they're not guaranteed. Delays and setbacks may occur. DO NOT PURCHASE if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.
        3. There will be a 4.4% fee on order cancellations and refunds after placing an order.
        4. Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place the order. There are no refunds or cancellation after the group buy ends.

        Quality Disclaimer

        Due to the nature of mirror-polish treatment, there may be minor, unavoidable dust points/micro scratches on the mirror finish of the bottom case. Small dust points/micro scratches that are only visible at just the right angle of lighting, small scratches inside the keyboard case, or dents on the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built. These are normal and within our quality acceptance. Please refer to Mammoth 75 quality disclaimer as reference. 

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