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[In Stock] WS Stabs V3

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What is the Difference?

The two different versions of the design can bring different usage experiences, but both can avoid noise caused by collision or friction between the wire and the stabilizer stem.

Common Advantages

No Wire Pop-up

It's designed to be clipped in from the bottom.

Secure Your Home At Any Time
Secure Your Home At Any Time


This is the most stable mounting style because it is the most secure and offers less vibration.

Catch them in the act
Catch them in the act

Ribs Inside The Housing

To minimize lube from sticking to the stem, causing them to feel sluggish.

WS Stabs V3--Silicone Gallery

WS Stabs V3--Gallery

Version A

Gallery of TPU Version

Version B

Gallery of Silicone Version

WS Stabs V3--
TPU Gallery

The Stabilizer kit Includes:

  • Stabilizer housings

      (x5 pairs)

  • Stabilizer stems (x5 pairs)

  • 2U wires (x4)

  • 6.25u wire (x1)

  • 7u wire (x1)

  • Washers (x12)

  • Copper Screws (x12)

  • Note: Only the silicone version comes with the Stabilizer shims!


TPU version: PC housing

Silicone version: TPE housing

Package Size: 150.25*17.25*82.75mm.

Package weight: 0.041kg

Product Disclaimer

A Brand You Can Trust

Pull-out Force Test of The Stabilizer Stem

  • The maximum pull-out force that a single stabilizer stem can withstand, exceeding this range will damage the stabilizer.
       Silicone Version: 12N;
       Black TPU Version: 39N.

  • The renders are given to provide an idea of what the final product will look like. The physical product may have some differences. Please also refer to the prototype's photos as a reference before purchasing.

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