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[Limited In-stock] Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminum Edition) Bundle

Selling fast! limited in-stock in this product!


In stock

Aurora x Mizu AE BundleAurora Mizu Switches (35)Extra Mizu Badge(极光·水)Extra Mizu Badge(Waves)Extra PCB06(Iceland)Aurora R2 Fr4 PlateAurora R2 Pom PlateAurora R2 Brass PlateAurora R2 Carbon Fiber PlateAurora R2 Aluminium PlateAurora R2 Brass WeightPoron Dampener Kit

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We are glad to bring you Alumizu and Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle!

Designed by Rensuya, Alumizu Keycap is made with our favourite Mizu elements in different kittings so that you can pick the ones you need without buying a big kit.

Quality Disclaimer:

1. Reading and following the build guide is essential, especially if it's your first time building. Please make sure you are aware of this before building Aurora.

2. There will be a 4% restocking fee once the order canceled, no form of order cancellation will be accepted once shipped;

3. Customers who return goods without quality problems need to bear the return costs themselves, I hope you can understand. For more purchasing instructions, please refer here.

  • Brief info
  • PCB
  • Specifications
  • Kit Contents


Base Kit, Num Pad Kit,TKL Kit , Mod Extension Kit, Accent Kit, Novelties, Spacebar Kit , 40s Kit, Blank Kit, WS Special Kit. Please check more details here.

Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle, switches and badges

We also provide a Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle as requested. The bundle includes 1 set of Alumizu Base, 1 set of WS special kit and 1 Aurora x Mizu AE (Aluminum Edition) keyboard kit. 

PCB 06 Iceland (default PCB)

It’s a 1.2 mm flex cut hotswap PCB, it supports bluetooth and VIA, works in both wired and wireless mode. Also supports multi layout: left and right shift splits, back space split, ISO enter and step capslock.


With flex cut: POM plate, FR4 plate, Carbon Fiber plate

Without Flex cut: Brass plate, Alu plate

Extra Mizu Badges

Material: Anodized Aluminum

These badges are magnetic and hot-swap. You don't need to take apart your case to change badges.

WS Aurora Mizu Switches (Add-ons, not included in the kit)
  • Linear switch
  • Top housing: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom housing: UHMWPE
  • Stem: POM
  • 5-pin PCB Mount
  • Lubed
  • Total travel distance: 3.8mm
  • Actuation travel: 1.90 ± 0.5mm
  • Actuation force: 53 ± 5g
  • Bottom-out force: 63.5g

  • Aurora Mizu switches have the same specification with Aurora Clear switches. Please refer to Teaha's typing test here.

Bundle Contents: Alumizu Base Kit, WS special kit,  Aurora x Mizu AE

  • Aluminum Cases: Ikki68 Aurora E-white top case and Anodized bottom case
  • Aluminum Keycaps: Alumizu Base Kit, WS Special Kit
  • Bluetooth/VIA PCB: Aurora PCB06 (Iceland), Bluetooth and VIA supported. Can be used in both wired and wireless mode.
  • Hotswap “极光水” badge and badge base
  • PC plate
  • Stabilizers (6x2U, 1x 6.25U)
  • Silicone dampening pad between PCB & plate
  • Weight Pad(Use this if you are not using the brass weight)
  • Battery Pad(Use this if you are not using the battery)
  • Silicon Gaskets Set
  • Poron Gaskets Set poron
  • Keyboard storage case
  • Coiled USB cable (Matches case color)
  • Keyboard feet
  • Extra stab washers, screws, diodes, sockets, hex screwdriver

  • Battery Specifications

  • Battery Size: 3543114
  • JST1.25

  • *PLEASE NOTE there is NO battery by default, you need to purchase it separately.



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