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Wuque Studio Product Update May 31th

Aurora x PnC Still collecting payment from vendors. We will try to finish collecting all payments and place order to manufacturer before June 15th. Ikki68 x Aurora R1 Plates matches We further match plates with different cases below     Delivery Delayed to early July Due to shortage of PCB components, our PCB production will be delay for about 2 weeks, and we are expecting to finish all production and start delivery in early July. We are sorry for this, to prevent any potential problems and delay, we are now following every in-production item’ s manufacturing progress every week. WS Titanium Pullers and Mini bear Switch Openers We finished packing all mini bear switch openers and 2nd batch of Titanium pullers to vendors...

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Wuque Studio GB and Stocks Update - May 21st, 2021

Ikki68 Aurora x PnC GB ended. Vendors confirmed their final orders. We will collect payment before June 1st, and place order with the manufacturer before June 15th. Ikki68 Aurora  Bluetooth PCB The hot-swap Bluetooth PCB prototype is done. The production PCBs will be in black. Aurora Charcoal Here's a new video of the Charcoal prototype from Zion Studios. They'll publish a video soon. Brass weight Here's the final design of the weight. Designed by our community member @VAMP. It's an extended take on his very popular community badge called "Aurora Scene". Please excuse the blemishes on the weight. This is a poor quality photo from the factory taken right after it was made, the production units will be clean and perfect.Recently...

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