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Wuque Studio GB and Stocks Update - May 21st, 2021

Ikki68 Aurora x PnC GB ended. Vendors confirmed their final orders. We will collect payment before June 1st, and place order with the manufacturer before June 15th. Ikki68 Aurora  Bluetooth PCB The hot-swap Bluetooth PCB prototype is done. The production PCBs will be in black. Aurora Charcoal Here's a new video of the Charcoal prototype from Zion Studios. They'll publish a video soon. Brass weight Here's the final design of the weight. Designed by our community member @VAMP. It's an extended take on his very popular community badge called "Aurora Scene". Please excuse the blemishes on the weight. This is a poor quality photo from the factory taken right after it was made, the production units will be clean and perfect.Recently...

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