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Wuque Studio GB and Stocks Update - May 21st, 2021

Wuque Studio GB and Stocks Update - May 21st, 2021

Ikki68 Aurora x PnC

GB ended. Vendors confirmed their final orders. We will collect payment before June 1st, and place order with the manufacturer before June 15th.

Ikki68 Aurora

 Bluetooth PCB

The hot-swap Bluetooth PCB prototype is done. The production PCBs will be in black.

Aurora Charcoal

Here's a new video of the Charcoal prototype from Zion Studios. They'll publish a video soon.

Brass weight

Here's the final design of the weight. Designed by our community member @VAMP. It's an extended take on his very popular community badge called "Aurora Scene".

Please excuse the blemishes on the weight. This is a poor quality photo from the factory taken right after it was made, the production units will be clean and perfect.

Recently we discovered there's been a miscommunication regarding engraving on the add-on weight. What got lost in translation is that we meant laser engraving, while the team members outside of China thought CNC engraving. We are very sorry about this error in communication and hope this wouldn't take away from the beautiful design that VAMP whipped up!

The add-on weight is internal. It will be hidden inside the Aurora. You will not be able to see the design when the keyboard is assembled, you can only see it when you take the case apart

Current Factory Photos

Current Working Tasks

We're currently producing all the other PCBs, and then we'll move onto cases. We are still expecting to deliver to vendors in June, provided everything goes well. We will update on the progress as time goes on.

WS Titanium Pullers and Minibear Switch Openers

Back to stock time

A restock of pullers are arrived at our warehouse. We will be sending them out to vendors before May 25th. Mini bears should arrive at our warehouse before end of May and we will send them to vendors ASAP. Wuque Studio website will list them after we send out to vendors.

New Puller colors

We added Black and Prism color, let's stay tuned.

Geekark Lancelot

We've received a second round of color samples for Geekark Lancelot. We still expect to deliver them to vendors in June 2021.


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