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Project Update - July 6

Project Update - July 6

Aurora R2 Badges
The surface pattern and sandblasting of community badges have been finished. Now we are polishing the side of the community badges, and the next step is to polish the front and finally electroplated.
Delivery of community badges is expected by the end of July.
The pattern of custom badges is still not finished, it is expected to be completed tomorrow, and then proceed with the next step.
Mammoth 75 GB
Mammoth 75 keyboard is 50% done (QC finished) and some PVD brass bottom plate is in progress. But the rest of the accessories for the Mammoth 75 keyboard are basically done.
Mammoth 20 GB
Mammoth 20 is currently in anodized production.
Mammoth 75/20 Knob GB
The CNC of the knob is expected to be completed within this week.
 Alumizu GB
Order submitted to manufacturer
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