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Product Progress Update - February 27, 2024

[GB] Freya ultra & Freya

We will submit all order data to the factory and arrange production within this week. We will continue to monitor and update the production progress regularly.

Finally, thanks for the support!

Delivery Time: Estimated May

Coming soon on Wuque

1.[Limited Bespoke Edition] Colored Titanium Alloy Version Promise87--Only 12 units
Release Date: 9:30 AM, March 7, Beijing time

2.[Extra] WS Cosmic Odyssey Keycap Set
Release Date: 6:30 PM, February 27, Beijing Time

3.[In-Stock] Resin Bear Novelties Keycap
Release Date: 6:30 PM, February 27, Beijing Time

4. [GB] WS Entwined Flowers Keycaps-- Coming soon!

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