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The Wings Of Freya


In the process of creating this keyboard, we were inspired by the wings of the goddess Freya, deciding to incorporate her mysterious and unique design into our product. We intricately placed wing-shaped structures on both sides of the keyboard. By skillfully layering four sets of wings, we successfully endowed these wings with a more vibrant and three-dimensional appearance.

However, in the production of this distinctive design, we encountered some challenges. To enhance the sense of depth, we had to undergo more intricate cutting, implying a significant increase in the complexity of the craftsmanship. Despite facing these difficulties, we firmly believed that, in order to present a superior aesthetic, we had to overcome these challenges.

Throughout the wing fabrication process, we conducted numerous iterations and samples. Each attempt aimed to find the optimal production method, ensuring that the final wings on both sides of the keyboard would exhibit the three-dimensional shape we aspired to achieve. In the end, we successfully overcame these challenges, crafting this uniquely designed keyboard. The wings on either side of the keyboard emanate a mysterious and elegant golden glow. Wuque Studio hopes every user can sense this unique beauty and enjoy the story behind the keyboard.

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