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Wuque Studio Product Update June 26th

Wuque Studio Product Update June 26th

Ikki68 x Aurora R1

Producing  and Testing PCB

Estimated Delivery Time

We are finalizing all units for vendors, and still estimating we can ship them out in early July.


WS Titanium Pullers and Mini bear Switch Openers In Stock

Most vendors already received them please also check your closest vendors!

Buy Titanium Pullers here.

Buy Mini bear switch openers here. 


Aurora x PnC

Placed order and making product sample.


Aurora x Dreamscape

GB started days ago and vendors almost sell them out. Please check more info here.


Geekark Lancelot 

Geekark told us they can deliver before end of June, but if they cannot, we hope they can do in early July. We will still keep following up very closely.

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