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[In Stock] Wuque Mini Bear Switch Opener

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All aluminum switch openers from Wuque Studio. 

Each half has an MX style and a Kailh style opener, giving you a total of 2 openers per unit. The two halves are held together by magnets when not in use.

Please keep in mind both e-coating and anodization will wear off from the parts that come in contact with the switch, after repeated use.

Regional Proxies:

  • US: Cannon Keys
  • Canada:
  • Oceania: Daily Clack
  • EU: Mykeyboard
  • UK: Prototypist
  • Japan: Yushakobo
  • Singapore: Monokei
  • PH: Zion Studios
  • South Korea: Monstargear, Swagkeys
  • Rest of the world: Wuque Studio

Weight: 45g 

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