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[Balance] Extra CK Knob

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With the exception of the multicolor PVD knob, these are all renders and will vary slightly from the physical product.

These are extra custom CannonKeys knobs that can be used with the Balance keyboard, Satisfaction75, as well as other keyboards that use a similar encoder. 

Available in the following versions:

  • Multicolor PVD Brass
  • Gold PVD Brass
  • Black PVD Brass
  • Gold Alu
  • Black Alu
  • Silver Alu

Check out the rest of the Balance collection for more extras!

If these knobs are ordered by themselves (meaning no other items from the Balance group buy or anything else), they will ship when they arrive at our warehouse. If you've been looking for a slick new knob to customize your keyboard, this is your chance!

Group Buy Start: August 6th, 11AM GMT+8

Group Buy End: August 13th, GMT+8

Estimated Date of Delivery: Q3 2022

NOTE: This is a Group Buy, and Group Buy terms and conditions apply. The estimated date of delivery is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur. Upon purchase, you will be charged immediately. And by purchasing this item, you acknowledge everything stated above. There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.  

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