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Wuque Titanium Switch Puller

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Titanium alloy

Full Titanium alloy construction makes the opener very light yet extremely durable.

Thin yet durable legs

Titanium alloy makes the thin legs resistant to bending and deforming.

Can slip between the case and the neighboring switch without scraping the case. 

Short claws

The claws are just the right size to push in the switch tabs in cramped spaces without damaging the switch

Four colors

Available in Titanium Silver, Titanium Blue, Black and Prism

Note: Prism color will various from different batches.

In-stock Vendors

Region Vendor
USA CannonKeys
UK Proto[Typist]
South Korea Monstargear
South Korea Swagkeys
Japan Yushakobo
Vietnam Taobaosop


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