MMswitch Pastel Stems
MMswitch Pastel Stems
MMswitch Pastel Stems
MMswitch Pastel Stems
MMswitch Pastel Stems

Wuque Studio

MMswitch Pastel Stems

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Wuque Studio is glad to bring you MMswitch Pastel Series!

MM switch are custom linear switches manufactured by JWK, which consists of 4 different materials for the stem, 3 different materials for the bottom and top housing, and metal contact leaves. There can be 36 different combinations of colors and materials, allowing customers to fully enjoy assembling their customized switch.

1 Quantity = 35 pcs stem

 Switch Type Linear
 Manufacturer JWK
 Stem Material (color)

UPE-Yellow, P3- Orange, LY- Green, Modified POM-Pink

 Total Travel  3.7mm


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