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[GB]Alumizu Keycap

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Drops @June 2nd, 8AM, Beijing Time/June 1st, 5 PM PST

We are glad to bring you Alumizu and Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle!

Designed by Rensuya, Alumizu Keycap is made with our favourite Mizu elements in different kittings so that you can pick the ones you need without buying a big kit.

Cherry profile


Base Kit, Num Pad Kit,TKL Kit , Mod Extension Kit, Accent Kit, Novelties, Spacebar Kit , 40s Kit, Blank Kit, WS Special Kit.

Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle, extra badges and switches

We also provide a Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle as requested. The bundle includes 1 set of Alumizu Base, 1 set of WS special kit and 1 Aurora x Mizu AE keyboard kit. The bundle is limited to 1000 sets globally, please check more details here.

      Keycaps' manufacturing

      We use CNC engraving and double anodization treatment to ensure the keycaps come out decently and long-lasting.

      Keycap Pricing

      • Base Kit US$279
      • Num Pad Kit US$72
      • TKL Kit US$69
      • Mod Extension Kit US$65
      • Accent Kit US$35
      • Novelties US$79
      • Spacebar Kit US$45
      • 40s Kit US$89
      • Blank Kit US$39
      • WS Special Kit US$30

      Tin Box Packaging

      Each kit comes with a Mizu themed tin box.

      WS Alumizu Keycap and Aurora x Mizu AE

      GB Time: June 2nd -June 20th

      Estimated Delivery: December 2022 to Vendors


      Quality Guide


      1. Please note that this is a group buy. Estimates are our best guesses, they're not guaranteed. Delays and setbacks may occur. DO NOT PURCHASE if you do not agree with the terms and conditions. 

      2. There will be a 4% restocking fee on order cancellations and refunds after placing an order. 

      3. Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place the order. There are no refunds or cancellations after the group buy ends. 

      4. There will be no order combinations after order is placed.

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