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Product Progress Update - September:

Product Progress Update - September:

[GB] WS x Jaekeyed (赤灰色) Aka Haiiro Keycap

- Part of the base has arrived at the warehouse, and the metal keycap is still waiting for the supplier to send it out.

-The deskmat is produced by the designer's own manufacturer. The latest information we have received is that the deskmat is expected to be completed at the end of October. We will continue to pay attention and feed it back to everyone timely.

PS: Please try to contact us before October 10th if you need to change your address. Modifications will not be accepted after the deadline. Hope you can understand.

GB Delivery Time: Expected October 2023


[GB] WS Yamanote Line Theme Keycaps & [GB] Zoom65V2 x Yamanote Line Theme Keyboard

- The order data has been handed over to the manufacturer for production, and we will continue to follow up on the follow-up situation.

Delivery Time: Expected November 2023



Coming soon to Wuque


The following products are expected to be released on October 15th, so stay tuned!

1.[Extra] WS Stellar Keycaps

2.[Extra] WS Orchid Strings

3.[Extra] ZOOM75 Matching Keycaps Series

            WS Creamy Charcoal Keycaps

            WS Sunset Blis Keycaps

            WS Gray Skies Keycaps

            WS Lavender Bliss Keycaps

            WS Blue Oasis Keycaps

4.[In Stock] WS Stabs V3.1

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