Ikki68 Aurora Badge Base

Wuque Studio

Ikki68 Aurora Badge Base

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GB Info

GB Time: March 9 - March 22, 2021.

ETA to customers: July, 2021

Vendors: Wuque Studio only.


This is the bottom part of the badge that screws on to your Ikki68 Aurora or the original Ikki68 Aluminum. The actual badges sold in this group buy snap onto this base it via magnets. 

GB Time: March 9 - March 22, 2021.

Your Ikki68 Aurora already comes with a base. 

Only buy this if you want a back up for some reason, or if you have an original Aluminum Ikki68 and you'd like to use the Aurora badges on it.

You can combine all kinds of badges and badge base orders, but please DO NOT combine with Aurora, such combination order will be cancelled.