Wuque Studio Product Update- August 23rd


[GB] WS x Jaekeyed (赤灰色) Aka Haiiro Keycap

- The product is expected to be received this month and then QC will be arranged as soon as possible.

GB Delivery Time: September 2023



[GB] WS Stellar Keycaps

- Products that have been completely produced and have arrived at the warehouse:

WS Stellar Artisan Keycap Comet

WS Stellar Switches

WS Stellar Deskmat



- Products expected to be received this month:

WS Stellar Base kit

WS Stellar Novelties kit

WS Stellar Spacebar kit

GB Delivery Time: September 2023




[GB] Zoom75 Matching Keycaps

- We are already arranging the delivery of the orders of the vendors, and we will start the delivery of the website orders immediately after the end

Expected shipping out moment: This month



Coming Soon to Wuque

 1. [GB] WS Yamanote Line Theme Keycaps & [GB] Zoom65V2 x Yamanote Line Theme Keyboard

GB Time: 9:30 am on August 29th - 9:30 am on September 12th, Beijing time                       

Delivery Time: Expected November 2023



 2. [GB] WS Kraken Keycaps

GB Time: Not sure yet, but very soon,please stay tuned!